Be here in one year....

Jul 3, 2014

successful star diamond elite top 10 team beachbody coachSomething pretty amazing happened today.... I woke up this morning to realize I had achieved a goal I'd set just one short year ago. 

One year ago, I took a leap of that would forever change my life & the life of my family. I wanted more than anything to be a stay-at-home mom, something that was never financially an option for us. I was given an opportunity to have a DREAM JOB (as I always called it)...working part-time from home, helping others getting healthy & fit, and showing them how to live to their full potential.

I wasn't a health/fitness professional, I wasn't in shape at the time (in fact, I hadn't worked out in almost 2 yrs).... I was shy, didn't know a thing about social media, I worked 60 hrs/week & had a baby at home to take care of. I didn't know if I would be successful, but I KNEW it was worth trying. One thing I will never forget that was said to me..."BE HERE IN ONE YEAR." I was told that if I applied myself for one year & did the simple, everyday things that I needed to do, I would without a doubt be successful. So I thought, what if I could change my entire life in just one year? The time is going to pass anyways so why not give it a shot? So I went all in & never looked back. That's the day I signed up to become a coach.

7 months into the business, I was able to walk away from my F/T medical sales career. And just 3 weeks ago, I hit my one year mark. And today, when my weekly check was deposited, I almost fell over... By following my dreams, doing something I am incredibly passionate about, that I absolutely LOVE & wake up every day so thankful that I can do this for a living, I realized that I have EXCEEDED my one year goal. Not only was I able to leave my job, but as of today, I am officially earning significantly more now than I was when I was busting my tail working 60 hrs a week in Medical Sales. So WHAT IF I didn't take that chance just one year ago? What if I thought, "I can't do that. I don't have time for that. I'll never be successful at that." But I KNEW I was meant to do something MORE with my life & that I wanted to help a lot of people. So I prayed on it & I went for it.

So WHY am I sharing this with you? Because I want YOU to know that it's POSSIBLE for you, too. If you have similar dreams, goals & passions and you have been looking for something that will make you happy, where you can help others, better yourself, be surrounded my positive people with similar goals, earn you a 6-figure income or even just enough to pay off student loans, debt, whatever it is... WHY NOT take that leap of faith? Rather than have regrets, GO FOT IT!

I am now accepting applications for my next 30-day Coach Training Program that starts on Monday. I will teach you everything you need to be successful & personally mentor you every step of the way. I am looking for 5 new coaches to join my team! Click here to apply!