To all my MAMAS out there:

Aug 9, 2014

21 Day Fix, clean eating, portion control, shakeology, beachbody, challenge group Does your daily routine leave you feeling SPENT at the end of the day, completely EXHAUSTED & feeling like there is no TIME or ENERGY left to spend on YOU?!

I know the feeling! Because I've BEEN THERE & I used to feel the EXACT SAME WAY.
I was "so busy" that I had no time to work out or go to the gym.
And because I didn't work out, I had no ENERGY.
And because I didn't have energy, I was TIRED & EXHAUSTED alllllll the time!
End result -----> I felt like CRAP!!!

So HOW did I get outta my funk?!?!

I knew that I just needed a DVD player & blender and I could get my life back.
So I joined an online Challenge Group, just like this one.
I started doing SHORT & EFFECTIVE 30-MIN workouts AT HOME, that I LOVE!!!
I started incorporating Shakeology into my daily nutrition.
I learned about portion control & meal to prep my food/snacks.
I got TONS of awesome support & motivation from my fellow coaches & challengers to KEEP ME GOING & NEVER GIVE UP.

End result -----> I feel AMAZING  I am HAPPY. I am 34 yrs old & in the BEST shape of my life. I feel STRONG. I am CONFIDENT. And when I go shopping, I can buy what I WANT & ROCK that outfit!

Best part is?? YOU CAN HAVE THIS TOO. Because WHY NOT???! YOU DESERVE to feel good, right!!?? YES!!!! You do!

Just because we work, have kids, we're busy, guess is everyone else on the planet. So let's DROP our EXCUSES & make a CHANGE. And what better gift to give our children, our husbands and ourselves than a HEALTHY MOM! 

ARE YOU READY?!?! AUG 18TH starts my next Challenge Group. Fill out this form below to join!

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