Happy 4 year anniversary!

Jun 9, 2017

jaclyn stokes

Today marks a really special anniversary for me & my family 💙 4 years ago today, I made a decision (and a $140 INVESTMENT) that would completely changed our lives physically, mentally & financially. It's kinda funny how it all began...

I was a full-time working mom who had let myself go since having our daughter two years before. As a former "gym rat", I was craving to get back in shape, have my pre-baby clothes fit and have energy again, but I had no time for the gym. I reached out to a friend after seeing her before/after results. She literally had a 6-PACK and this was 6 months AFTER just having her 3rd baby 😳 So when she told me she did Insanity, I bought it 5 seconds later (literally) off eBay 🙊 Then she asked me if I wanted to try Shakeology & join a challenge group, I said 'No thanks! I don't need help girl. And I hate protein shakes, so no." ✋🏼 Yep! That was me! lol So I ventured on my own, starting Insanity, LOVING IT, only to quit 3 weeks later & actually tried to SELL IT BACK on eBay. Truth is, I had no one holding me accountable, no support system, and when life got busy, I gave up.

It wasn't until a few weeks later, I saw a post about how she got to work from home, helping others, and got to be present with her kids. Ever since Mckenna was born, this was my DREAM. To be able to find a successful job I could do FROM HOME so I could be with her but still help support my family. Ironically, I had just PRAYED the night before for a SIGN to change my life. I desperately wanted to be able to stay home with our little girl. But financially, I couldn't. And then I saw this post. I had NO idea what this girl did other than she "sold Insanity" lol so I messaged her immediately, asked her about a bizillion questions, and my mind was BLOWN. I learned this opportunity could help hold ME accountable to a healthy & fit lifestyle, allow me to help inspire OTHERS to live a better life, it would help me to grow myself through personal development, I could earn enough to leave my job, earn FREE vacations every year, AND that I could earn a six figure + income doing it?!?! I JUMPED IN.

That $140 INVESTMENT has done more for us than I can even put into words ... From being able to walk away from Corporate America for GOOD in my first year and become a SAHM, to earning a six-figure income by my second year, to getting in the best health & shape of my life AND helping hundreds of other people start their health & fitness journey, from starting out as just me to growing a 3X Elite team of nearly 3,400 coaches, from going from living a stressful paycheck-to-pacyheck life to one of freedom, to building our DREAM HOME last year, paying off ALL debt besides our mortgage, having SAVING accounts for the first time in our lives, to getting to travel around the world via DOZENS of free trips I earned by simply helping people each month, to being a SUPER shy girl to speaking on stage in front of 8,000 coaches, to making SO many INCREDIBLE friendships along the way, I can't say enough how GRATEFUL I am God led me to this opportunity.

If you've been thinking about it, what is holding you back?? I know for me, I 1000% would rather TRY then live the rest of my life with regret, wondering "what if??" YES, it takes hard work. YES, it takes time, patience, sacrifice and you get out of it exactly what you put into it.... but if you want a different life for you & your family, it's POSSIBLE! I always say if "I" can do it, ANYONE can do it! I worked 60 hrs a week when I started, had a 2 yr old that never napped, a skeptical spouse (who's NOT skeptical anymore) 😉 , I hadn't worked out in nearly TWO years when I signed up to be a coach, literally DIDN'T EVEN HAVE $140 in our bank account to sign up so I put it on a credit card (AND without telling my husband), I had NO clue what I was doing, I was SUPER shy, private, NEVER posted on social media, had less than 200 friends on FB, NO leadership skills whatsoever, but I had a BIG "WHY" ... My family  And THEY were worth it to go out of my comfort zone and see where this took us. My goal wasn't to "try" though and see how it went after a few months ... I was going to MAKE IT WORK. My only option was to succeed. I didn't know HOW, but I knew I'd find a way to figure it out, SO I DID. And YOU CAN TOO  If you're looking to get started, please don't hesitate to message me! It could just change your life.  #WhyNotYou #DreamBIG #FollowYourHeart #NeverGiveUp#4YearsStrong #Grateful #Blessed

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