Shakeology 101

What is Shakeology? How does it help you lose weight? How is it different than other meal replacement/protein shakes? Is it all natural? Is it gluten-free? Is it lactose-free? Is it safe during pregnant or nursing? Are there vegan options? Is it worth the money? Does Shakeology really make a difference?

These are the types of questions I am frequently asked by interested clients who are considering taking the next step (or even the first step) in their health/fitness and weight loss journey. Because of this, I have decided to create a one-stop place for all of your Shakeology questions so that you can take a look yourself and make an informed decision about Shakeology and if it's for you! 

Why do I love Shakeology?
1. It’s not a "protein shake" but a daily dose of dense nutrition (meal replacement)
2. It all-natural & contains NO processed foods, chemicals, artificial sugars, caffeine, it's also gluten-free, soy-free & dairy-free (vegan option)
3. It contains over 70 super foods, plus vitamins, antioxidants, and more
4. It curbs my hunger & keeps me feeling fuller longer
5. It’s curbs my sugar/junk food cravings
6. It has helped me lose weight
7. It gives me energy (without caffeine)
8. It helps w/ my digestion & regularity 
9. One scoop is like going to the salad bar 5 times and filling my plate with a variety of fruits and veggies
10. It takes like a milkshake (honestly!) and comes in Regular & Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry & Greenberry with Vegan options in Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry.

Are you ready to try Shakeology? 
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