Sep 8, 2015


BUSY MOMS -- Can you relate?!??  🙋

"I have 3 children: ages 3, 6 and 9. I worked 30 hrs a week and was always busy with work and kid duties. I always felt guilt spending time on myself. All of my clothes were tight on me and I just felt like a sloth.

What inspired me to begin transforming, was seeing many member in my family be diagnosed with: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. All of these diseases are mostly PREVENTABLE! I also work in the medical field and determined that ‘I’ need to be the example for my patients and for my family. Prevent the preventable through hard work and dedication!

I started seeing results! I got motivated. I felt better! People started noticing! Then I thought to myself…I want to help others and be their support and encouragement they need to get healthy. So I joined Beachbody! I am so looking forward to this journey on working on the preventative side of health. That’s what healthcare should be, not ‘sick’care.

I loved Yoga because it made me feel rejuvenated. Stretching your muscles makes me feel like my circulation as been restored. It’s amazing how much better your mood is also. PiYO is the best of both worlds. It stretches, it tones, it strengthens, it gets your heart rate up, it’s low impact but higher impact if you want to make it that way. There are modifications if you need them. I feel like my balance is better, my tone is better, my energy and mood is better! I am just so excited to share it with others!"

IF YOU are READY for your "AFTER" picture & to invest in YOURSELF -- APPLY BELOW for your spot in my September Fitness Challenge where you'll get:
1) The complete PiYO home workout program (ON SALE through me this month for $10)
2) Superfood dense nutrition for 30-days, Eating plan w/ recipes & tips
3) Support + accountability of an online (private) challenge group to keep you motivated & on track to finish the program & get RESULTS!
The group is starting SOON so apply below ASAP!

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