30 days of MIND, BODY & SOUL

Oct 22, 2018


I have never been more excited for a group since I started coaching because THIS group is one I truly believe EVERYONE needs. It all started with my own search to find BALANCE, reduce STRESS / ANXIETY, to be more MINDFUL and live in the PRESENT, as well as trying to become a "morning person". When you can achieve that, along with taking care of your body with healthy foods, water & exercise, amazing things can happen!

You are HAPPIER, have a greater sense of PEACE, you're more PRODUCTIVE, SLEEPING better, FEELING better, more PATIENT, POSITIVE, have more ENERGY & FOCUS... which can improve nearly every area of your LIFE, your RELATIONSHIPS, your WORK, etc. And can't we ALL use that?

For 30 days, we will be focusing on clean eating, the workout program of your choice, a short daily meditation (which you'll get in a free app), Shakeology for 30 days (to fill our bodies with vitamins, minerals, proteins, probiotics and superfoods), plus we'll be reading the book 'The Miracle Morning' - a book that has COMPLETELY changed my life. It’s a quick read that will help you to get up early and start your day with meditation, positive affirmations, exercise, healhty foods, goal setting & more... all before 8am. It's one of the BEST books I've read I’m giving a FREE book to the first 10 people who sign up.

The group itself is free, as well as the Meditation app & The Miracle Morning book (if you’re one of the first 10). The only thing you’ll need to purchase is your challenge pack which includes: ALL of the workout programs on Beachbody OnDemand (which you’ll have access to for ONE FULL YEAR), all of the nutrition plans, a 30-day supply of Shakeology & a shaker cup, a set of portion control containers - all together for 160. Plus you’ll get ME as your free coach & 24/7 access to the group - which is filling up fast! Are you ready?