Jan 2, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!! I am SO excited that this new year has started!!! Today starts lots of New Year's Resolutions! If your goal is to get in shape, get healthy, lose weight…make a plan that will WORK for you. Think about WHY past attempts failed…was it hard getting to the gym every day? Workouts too long? Maybe you hated that unrealistic or "crash diet" you were on? Let's face it…you have to both: 1) exercise & 2) eat healthy. But finding something that WORKS, that fits in your DAILY schedule, that is completely DOABLE…makes ALL the DIFFERENCE! 

Can you find 25-30 min per day to workout & CHANGE YOUR LIFE?? ---> YES, YOU CAN!!! And there's GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!
Remember those awesome new 25 & 30 minute programs T25 & P909X3? Well they are BOTH on SALE this month!!!! WOO HOO!!! Our Jan 1st Challenge Groups have already started, but our next one starts in just 2 weeks! Get the support, motivation & accountability you need. Learn all about Clean Eating & how to incorporate it into you life just by making a few simple changes! Contact me for a spot in our next Fitness Challenge! #newyear #noexcuses #bringit