Thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach?

Mar 20, 2014

About 8 months ago, I made a decision that has now changed my life. I was working almost 50 hrs/week, I was stressed & tired all the time, I hadn't worked out in almost 2 yrs, I was miserable, felt like crap, and worst of all, I felt like I was missing out on the best years of my daughter growing up because all I did was work. I began to feel unfulfilled in my career & I just knew I wanted CHANGE. I wanted more than anything to be home with my little one, something that was never financially possible for us. I prayed on it really hard & that's when I crossed paths with a friend from the gym and led me to Beachbody.

To begin to tell you how coaching has completely changed my life…

I've always wanted a job that was FUN, where I could be in control of my own hours, work for myself, help others, that was positive & inspiring. I NOW do something that I completely LOVE, that I am SO PASSIONATE about that I honestly look FOWARD to getting up every day & working. Last month, I left my 50 hr/week job in Medical Sales to pursue my passion full-time. And when I say "full-time" I mean, a couple of hours per day. I work from home, with my little one, in my sweat pants, and make my own schedule. I've met the most INCREDIBLE people through this experience, earned free trips to the Caribbean & Las Vegas, and more. The best part about my job is waking up every day reading all of the awesome messages & posts from my challengers how THEIR lives are changing, how AMAZING they feel, how much weight they've lost or how they are BACK into fitting in their old jeans! It's such a BLESSING to know that I had a small part in helping others find confidence again, happiness, making health & fitness a part of their lifestyle. It's so incredibly rewarding!

And, you know what? This is possible for YOU, too! I am planning to mentor 3-5 more motivated individuals starting on March 3rd.

What could $500, $1,000, $2,000, $6,000 extra dollars per month do for you and your family?

Do you have the desire to help others? Want to live a life of freedom both financially and physically?

If you've considered Coaching in the past, if you're passionate about health & fitness, or if you'd like a little info, please contact me or apply here:

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