Why I Became a Beachbody Coach

Apr 15, 2014

For those of you that personally know me, you know my DREAM after having my daughter, McKenna (almost 3 years ago), was to become a stay at home mom.  I went from being a die-hard career woman, working 50 hrs/week in the Medical Sales industry, to wanting NOTHING MORE than to quit my job and be home every day with this new little love in my life.

Every time someone told me they were a stay at home mom, my heart would literally break bc I wanted that SO badly.  Financially though, I wasn't able to stay home.  We had a new big mortgage payment, 2 car payments, 2 student loans, and bills out the wazoo!  Even though we both had good jobs, we were still just making ends meet. Quitting my job to stay home with my daughter was 100% NOT an option…but I was DETERMINED.

Just after McKenna's 2nd birthday, I hit my breaking point.  I was completely overwhelmed & stressed with work, the insane amount of hours I was putting in, traveling, flying out of the house at 645am & doing my make up in the car… I just WISHED I could stay home, in my sweats, wake up with my daughter, have breakfast, and just ENJOY these times with her that I would never get back.  I was missing out on her growing up… So then I realized, I had to STOP wishing.  I had to STOP feeling sorry for myself & "stuck"!  If I wanted something, no one was going to hand it to me…I had to go out & GET IT.  And so I did.

One day, I came across a post in my news feed that has forever changed my life… A friend I had met from the gym, posted how she now gets to work from home, part-time, doing something she LOVES, and best of all, gets to be home with her 3 kids.  I remember thinking, 'WOW!  I WANT THAT!!!  I wonder what she does??'  I had NO idea.  Lol.  So I messaged her.  That day after leaving work, I learned about the Coaching opportunity with Beachbody.  Being the super skeptical person that I am (LOL), I hung up the phone and I literally Googled everything I could about it for 3 days.  I watched every YouTube video, researched everything I could…and I was BLOWN AWAY.  It was literally like my PRAYERS had been answered….I had by the grace of God found my DREAM JOB!  I will never forget that overwhelming feeling of bliss when I realized I had found my calling.  It's a feeling that will never leave me!  

I've been a coach now for 10 months, I've achieved goals I've never thought were possible.  I've helped hundreds of people now become healthy, lose weight, become CONFIDENT in their own skin again, get off their high blood pressure medicine, wear their pre-baby jeans for the 1st time again, inspire their family & friends to eat healthy & start exercising, and also helped others earn money from home as well by just duplicating what I do.  

But my favorite accomplishment of all…I am now a Stay at Home Mom.

Dreams do come true if you want them bad enough & are willing to work for them!  I now work part-time, from home, in my sweat pants :)  I make my own schedule, I don't have a boss to answer to, I can travel without having to "request" time off, and I get to choose who I work with.  

So WHY am I telling you this??  Because I want other moms & dads to know that YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO!  If you are considering becoming a Coach, please message me for more info & take a minute to fill out the application below!  I will help you do exactly what I do, mentor you every step of the way.  It is possible if you want it!  It's just taking that first leap of faith!

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