May 15, 2014

My heart is SO full this morning with all of the congratulations I've been receiving this morning & while I'm really proud of my accomplishments, I also want to say that it didn't necessarily come "easy".

It all started a dream...a very BIG dream!  I had learned of what was possible with the opportunity that was before me & I decided to GO FOR IT.

I had to get rid of any DOUBT or FEAR that I had in myself, ignore those that maybe second-guessed this business, because after MUCH research, I KNEW the potential.  I KNEW this would be life-changing.  Not only would this help ME, MY FAMILY, but that I would have the ability to CHANGE hundreds of people's lives.

It took faith, lots of prayers, confidence, tons of DREAMING BIG, but most of all... the BELIEF that I could do it & that it was POSSIBLE.  

I saw others doing it successfully & I thought... "WHY NOT ME?  I was no different than them."

get up, dress up, show up, never give up

So I did what every successful person I studied did...



I sacrificed sleep, my favorite TV shows, so many SMALL things I enjoyed.  Because I knew that giving up these things (temporarily) is a small priced to pay for long-term SUCCESS & FREEDOM...  Freedom to go where I want, do what I want, when I want, be able to leave my full-time job & stay home with my little one.  And THAT is truly PRICELESS.

One of the things that helped me get through so many things in life, was understanding that TIME would pass anyways.  So in one year, I could either sit on my a$$ & keep doing what I was doing... OR I could work my a$$ off & be able to live my dreams & give my family financial freedom.  I have BIG dreams & plans for my family, including being able to retire my dad from his physically-demaning, stressful job, which I'm on track to do within the next 2 years.  

And it's easy to get up every day & do what I do when it's something I am PASSIONATE about & LOVE to do.  I still have to PINCH myself that I get paid to help others better their lives working part-time from HOME, IN my sweat pants, with my little one by my side on the couch.  It's unreal!!!

If this has all inspired YOU & you have similar goals as mine, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me!  Everything I have done to become successful, is completely duplicatable.  It's not hard, you just need to be consistent, driven & DREAM BIG!