My biggest blessing & the reason I became a Coach....

May 24, 2014

What most people don't know about me, is that at what point, I wasn't sure I ever wanted to have children. I wasn't sure I'd be a "good mom" or if it was "cut out" for me... Then 3 years ago, we were blessed with the most incredible surprise  Since that day, I KNEW that I was MEANT to be a Mother. There is NOTHING that could ever bring me more joy or happiness than being a Mom. I love my daughter more than words could ever describe, she is EVERYTHING to me & she is the reason being everything I do. I KNEW from the moment she was born, that I was called to be a Mother. She is God's biggest blessing to me & the REASON I became a Coach...

After her 2nd birthday, I realized I needed to make my job as a Mother be my #1 job. I had been working over 50 hrs a week at my F/T Medical Sales job & was miserable. I was missing out on watching her grow up...I felt unfulfilled & was heartbroken. I then I decided that was NOT how I was going to live my life.

I was determined to CREATE the life I wanted, be home with my daughter, yet be able to still give her the world. I had no idea HOW that was going to happen. And since I could not financially afford to stay home, I PRAYED on it.

And in June of last summer, those prayers were answered. And that is when I became a coach 

And 3 months ago in January, my DREAM became a REALITY, when I left my F/T job to stay home with my daughter  And to this day, it gives me chills to now be able to write that out & not still be just wishing for it 

And I have to say that yesterday, was one of THE BEST days of my life.

We spent the ENTIRE day together...

NO phone, no computer, no TV...

We slept in, had breakfast together, snuggled, laughed & played all day, got manis & pedis, sang in the car at the top of our lungs, went out to lunch & dinner at her favorite spots & ate cake.

And in each little moment...I kept asking myself, "How did I get so lucky?"

I had a DREAM, I took a leap of FAITH, I WENT FOR IT, and I NEVER looked back.

I let go of any DOUBT & FEARS and decided I was going to LIFE MY LIFE BY DESIGN.

And the most beautiful part about it, is that this amazing gift & opportunity is POSSIBLE for EVERYONE!

Do YOU have similar dreams & goals as mine? Are you curious as to what I do? Message me & I'll be happy to share with you what I do as a coach, how you can be SUCCESSFUL, even earn a 6-figure income, working from HOME, part-time, on your OWN schedule & also create the life you want to live. Beachbody has blessed me beyond words & the greatest gift I can give is to pay it forward. You just need to take that first leap of faith & #dreamBIG!