My 1-Week Income 21 Months Into the business as a Beachbody Coach

Mar 13, 2015

star diamond elite top coach Yesterday, the new Elite rankings in the company came out and I was ecstatic to find out that my team jumped to the #39 spot out of over 273,000 teams in Beachbody.  Crazy!!  It's so surreal to think I started this business just a little over a year & a half ago, putting in just 1-2 hrs a day while working 60 hours per week at at my then full-time job with a (non-napping) 2 year old & a skeptical husband at home (who isn't skeptical anymore!), while also starting my own health & fitness journey all over again for the first time in since I had my daughter.  

I started coaching not only because I love clean eating, being fit, and wanted to help a lot of people change their lives, but because I had a dream of leaving my full-time job so I could be a stay at home mom.  Not only that, but I wanted to provide a better life for my family.

Even though I had a great job in Medical Sales, I worked a TON of hours and felt like I never saw my baby girl...the greatest  new love of my life since becoming a mother.  And although my husband had a great paying job, we still couldn't afford for me to stay home or even go part-time.  So I started looking. I knew I wanted something that would allow me to:

-Work from home, part-time
-Work as much or as little as I wanted 
-Have the FREEDOM to work when I wanted & make my own schedule
-Be my own boss & wear what I wanted 
-Earn a significant income
-Create my life by design

I was told by my mentor before I signed up that this opportunity had a six-figure income potential within the first 18-24 months.  After spending the next 3 days researching this, I learned it was true.  

I hit the six-figure mark just before 15 months into the business.  But now at just 21 months into the business, it's grown beyond my greatest expectations.  And this is in ONE WEEK and not including my quarterly Star Diamond bonus or my monthly Elite car bonus.  

I wanted financial freedom for my family and a job that I LOVED and was passionate about every single day.  I stumbled across a post from a friend in my news feed about coaching and I immediately messaged her.  It seemed a little "too good to be true", so I researched it non-stop for 3 days. I was completely blown away about the potential of this business.  On the third day (and after discussing it with my at-the-time very skeptical husband), I signed up!  I followed the steps my coach told me to do to grow my business (exactly what I show my coaches how to do), and 7 months later, I left my full-time job and finally achieved my dream of being able to stay home with my beautiful little girl.  So WHY am I sharing this with you?  To show you what is POSSIBLE for you, too.  Had I not seen what was possible, I may not have put all of my faith into this business and worked as hard as I did to achieve my goals.  But it's a real opportunity, it's legit and you CAN make a significant income from HOME, part-time, doing something you LOVE.  And as a bonus, get in the best shape and health of you life!

I decided to share my income because I hear so many people say they think Beachbody is a get-rich-quick scheme or that you have instant success in this business.  So as you can see below, I started off very slow...and it took hard work, time, lots of faith, dedication and consistency.  But if you put in the work, you can see WHAT IS POSSIBLE.'

So how did this happen?  It all started because I came across an opportunity, I saw the potential, I went for it, I gave it 100% and I never looked back since.  I was consistent every single day and never gave up.  I knew if others could do, I would could it.  Why not?!

If this related to you at all, don't sit there and wonder 'what if'...GO FOR IT! I personally mentor all of my coaches how to duplicate my success, 1:1, step by step in my 30 Day New Coach Training groups that I run every month. If you are ready to take that next step, Apply Below!

If you want to reach your health & fitness goals,AND help other people reach their goals,and get rewarded to do it while joining my team that is in the top 1% (0.0006% to be exact!) of the company, you will receive: 

- Exclusive 1:1 mentorship and training where I teach you step by step how to be successful 
-Fitness program of your choice 
-1 month supply of Shakeology
-Access to my 30-day Fast Track Online Coach Training program which will teach you everything you need to know to grow your own business and how to advance your business
-Opportunities to be invited to special events like our Diamond Retreats and Beachbody's big yearly Summit event in Nashville!!

Plus all the regular benefits: 
-Motivate people to get healthy while getting and staying healthy yourself 
-Build your own personalized business 
-Choose your own hours
-Learn skills to match clients up with their ideal exercise program & nutrition plan
-25% discount on all products including Shakeology
-25% commission on all sales
-Unlimited sick days and vacation 
-Get paid weekly (every Thursday)
-Team bonuses and incentives
-Earn a free annual Success Club trip for you and a guest!
-Work out with Beachbody's Celebrity Trainers
-Build lifelong relationships
-Learn health, fitness, leadership, business, and management skills
-Learn how you can coach your own fit clubs and/or beach body classes (if you should choose to)
-Become a part of a Top Elite Team in Beachbody!

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to be in great shape or already have a transformation, you don't need a degree or be a personal trainer, and you don't need experience. All I do is stay committed to being healthy and help others do the same.  Do the same and you can grow your business. 

NOTE:  FREE Coach Business to all Active Military and/or their spouses & Military Veterans as Beachbody's way of saying Thank You!

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