Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'M POSSIBLE." - Audrey Hepburn

Aug 9, 2016

jaclyn stokes

If there's one thing I hope to inspire in others, it's to DREAM BIG. A lot of people might look at this picture and see a "highlight reel". And while I'm extremely proud of this moment from two weeks ago, walking across stage as a 7 Star Diamond Elite coach with a bunch of accolades around my neck, I want to take it back to the girl I was BEFORE my highlight reel. Because I want others to know if you're unhappy where you are, it's never too late to change your life 
Three years ago, I felt completely stuck. I was stressed, depressed, my husband & I were living paycheck to paycheck, arguing about money, I was working full-time in a job that i felt unfulfilled in and one that kept me away from my daughter more than 60 hours a week, I had let myself go since having our daughter 2 years before, but the ONE THING I wanted more than ANYTHING was to be a stay at home mom to my beautiful little girl...something that was never before a possibility for us. It was something I dreamed about day & night. And then one morning after praying for God to somehow show me a way, I stumbled upon an opportunity.... An opportunity that has COMPLETELY changed my life and my family's life and I am sharing this for anyone else who is feeling STUCK right now because I want others to know that it's NEVER too late to change your life. Because I want other moms to be able to stay home with their babies, to be able to get back in shape after having a child, to be able to have freedom to live their life by design, to have financial freedom, to find happiness through a job that helps you to better yourself with helping others live a better life and a team of coaches that loves and supports you.... And BELIEVE ME when I say.....if I can do it....YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!
When I started this business, I was shy, I lived a very private life, had less than 200 friends on Facebook, I hadn't worked out in over 2 years, I didn't even have $140 to sign up (which BTW was the TOTAL investment to start a six-figure business), my husband (amongst others) was very skeptical of this business, I worked 60 hours a week, I had a 2 yr old who didn't nap, I had fears, I didn't feel like a "leader" or have a clue how I was going to be successful, so you could say I had a lot reasons to NOT succeed. But I saw others did it and so I said to myself "WHY NOT ME?" I knew that if I worked really hard, I had a chance to change my life. I was DETERMINED to be home with my little girl and I was willing to work as hard as it took to make it happen. While my "road to success" may have looked easy, there was a LOT of unseen time, hard work, sacrifice, tears, moments of failure, moments of almost giving up behind this picture. ANYONE can be successful....but not everyone is willing to do what it takes. If you are willing to dream insanely BIG, work hard, never give up despite what life throws at you, success is 100% POSSIBLE for you!
If you are willing to work hard for a few years of your life to be able to spend the REST of your life living it how YOU want ---- whether that means being able to stay home with your kids, pay off debt, trade your full-time job for one that you LOVE, to be able to make your own schedule, travel with your family, be your own boss...I'd love to talk to you more about coaching. I'm also running a private "sneak peek" into coaching group where you can check it out & see if it's for you.  Start by applying below or click here to message me on Facebook to be added to our Sneak Peek into Coaching group. You'll never know if you never try 

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