Apr 12, 2017

vegan vanilla shakeology

I promised yesterday I'd try the NEW Vegan Vanilla shakeology today & share my honest review!

Day to day, I'm a vegan chocolate shakeology girl { bc I'm a chocolate lover } 🍫 I've always liked the vanilla, but I DO prefer the vegan formulas bc (1) I like that they use brown rice + pea proteins instead of whey (bc whey protein bothers my stomach) and (2) I think they taste so much better! 

So I made one this morning and it was SO GOOD!!! 😍 It tasted very similar to the regular, sweet but not too sweet, and super smooth.👌🏻

The vegan formulas are also *FREE* of dairy, gluten, soy, and any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. AND the vegan formula is still packed with 70 super foods, 9 essential amino acids, antioxidants, pre- & probiotics, phytonutrients, and digestive enzymes to help you lose weight, give you energy, keep you fuller longer, and provide healthy digestion & regularity while giving your body whole-food based formula for optimal nutrition  It's also certified low on the glycemic index!

So YES it's very good & I 100% recommend it! If you want to try and are not already working with a coach, message me on Facebook or email to get a 25% discount! Cheers to healthy living! 

NEW VEGAN Shakeology flavors are here!!!

Apr 10, 2017

vegan vanilla shakeology

I have some EXCITING NEWS!! 😍
A ton of you have been asking WHEN are more VEGAN options coming out & as of TODAY we now officially have 2 new vegan flavors: VANILLA + CAFE LATTE! 🙌🏻

All of my customers & coaches know I'm OBSESSED with the Vegan Chocolate shakeology & people always ask WHAT the DIFFERENCE is so I'm going to tell you:

1. VEGAN shakeology is DAIRY-FREE {but ALSO soy-free, gluten-free, gmo-free like the regular flavors}

2. VEGAN shakeology uses brown rice & pea proteins { instead of whey used in the regular shakeology} which is easier on the stomach. And like the regular, it still has 70 superfoods, pre- & probiotics, and more to help you lose weight, get healthy, give you energy, and keep you fuller longer. 

3. IMHO, the vegan flavors taste THE BEST!!! And I'm not a vegan but it's the only one I drink bc it's so good!!!

I'm super excited to try this tomorrow morning & let you know how it is!! If you're interested in trying it, message me here or email me at to get a 25% discount!  And RIGHT NOW we have a new All Access Challenge Pack promotion where for $30 with your shakeology order, you get digital access to EVERY SINGLE Beachbody workout program ever created for an ENTIRE YEAR, PLUS their nutrition plan, a set of color-coded portion control containers and a shake cup for your 30-day supply of shakeology AND free access into our Spring fitness accountability group.  Fill out the form below for more details!

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