Dec 10, 2013

What's better than P90X?  
"Get ripped in 30 minutes!"
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Yesterday, we had our weekly coach call with none other than the man himself, Tony Horton!  Hearing what he had to say about P90X3 was so exciting!  

If you were intimidated by P90X or maybe you didn't ever finish it because of the 60-90 minute workouts, then listen up! This is not a graduate program…anyone can do it!  Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone up, bulk up, there's different levels for everyone. They've combined some of the best things in P90X, P90X2, along with new workouts, to bring you P90X3 in just 30 MINUTES PER DAY!  It's short, it's quick and best of all, it's EFFECTIVE!  

I am so excited to say that this will be my very 1st Tony Horton workout!  And I'm even more excited that I will complete this 90-day program just in time for our Caribbean Cruise in March!!! And it's NOT just any cruise that I'm excited to go on, but Beachbody literally has reserved the entire Royal Caribbean ship for a full week, where we will be doing LIVE workouts on the cruise ship deck with Tony Horton & Shaun T.  WOO HOO!!!  And what's EVEN better??  I earned this trip completely FREE for both my husband & I…just for helping others.  To say I feel blessed, would be an understatement.  So grateful for this amazing company!  If you are interested in getting support and would like to complete a program but not do it alone, just message me!  My coaching is FREE!  :)