Do 30-minute home workout programs really work?

May 29, 2014

Beachbody before and after results
How many of you sit there & watch the informercials where you see ppl with these AMAZING results after doing a home workout & are like, "YEAH RIGHT?!!"  haha

Um...I DID!!!!  I literally thought they couldn't "real" until I saw an actual after-picture my coach posted last summer (with a six-pack after baby #3) that made me say, "WHOA!!!!!"  5 minutes later, I bought Insanity.  Lol.  

Pre-baby, I was a gym rat.  I worked out 4-6 days/week, 2 hrs/day.  Then I became a mom & with my 50 hr work schedule, my gym-time went OUT the window.  So I let myself go for almost 2 yrs...until I found these AWESOME, SHORT & EFFECTIVE home workout programs thanks to my coach!  And the rest is history!  

I can honestly say that NOW I am in the BEST shape of my life & this is AFTER I had a baby.  I would have never thought that was possible!  What's my secret?  NO SECRET!  

>>>I workout 30 minutes a day (at home)
>>>I drink Shakeology once a day
>>>And I follow Clean Eating (about 90% of the time) 

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