Oct 21, 2014

It might not be Thursday yet but I decided to throw it back tonight & bust out my very 1st home workout program I ever bought! I've been in a major funk the last couple of days and really needed something to kick my a$$ back into gear. Well, this did it! LOL. I just got my a$# kicked & hot damn, it felt greatt! Tonight's INSANITY workout definitely gave me my sanity back. Sometimes you just need that "me" time! (Plus, I missed my man Shaun T & I'm really anticipating the new INSANITY MAX 30 to come out in just over a month!!!!! Details below!)
It's kinda I was doing the drills, I was remembering back to when I first started this program last year (at the time if was my very 1st workout in over 2 years)...I was DYING, out of breath, could barely keep up, I almost threw up & nearly passed out. Fast forward to now, staying active almost every day since... WHAT a difference it has made... I was able to keep up and without any modifications. WOO HOO!! Sweaty, but I did it! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!
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