Feb 13, 2015

The feeling when you learn that your team is ranked #60 out of over 240,000 teams in Beachbody...
Star Diamond Elite Team Beachbody Coach
PINCH ME!!!! This is so surreal right now... It was such a shock when I found out that I almost fell over....

It's one of those feelings when you work so hard & put all of your heart & soul into something and then the moment you know it was all worth it!

I am so grateful for what this opportunity has done for me, my family, how it's completely changed my life....

Allowing me to.....

-Stay home with my daughter
-Work from home in my sweat pants
-Help others live healthier & happier lives
-Help me to stay on track with my health & fitness goals
-Work with the most amazing people that inspire me every day
-Have the freedom to travel when I want
-Be my own boss & make my own schedule
-Earn enough to get my family out of debt

I don't say this to brag or boast, but to let others know what's POSSIBLE if you have a dream of living your life by design because it IS possible.

I am forever grateful for that one person who put this opportunity in front of my eyes & my faith in God for GOING for it & believing I could do it.

2015 is going to be one AMAZING year!!! Are you ready to go after your dreams?!
Let's GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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