Week 1 Hammer & Chisel Meal Plan

Dec 29, 2015

hammer and chisel meal plan

Hey guys!  As promised, I am sharing my Week 1 meal plan for The Master's Hammer and Chisel program.  Note:  Please make sure you follow the instructions in your program brochure to determine the proper calorie plan for you.  I am following Plan B (1,500-1,799 calories).  And if you are following the eating plan to a  "T", note that there is no alcohol or "cheats" allowed, so it's up to you how closely you follow it, BUT I will tell you from my own personal experience being in Beachbody's Official Master's Hammer & Chisel test group before it launched, I had to follow it to a  "T" and I got really incredible results (below)!  It's an adjustment at first (especially cutting out wine!) but that is why I added a cup of hot, green tea at night because it helps with late-night cravings.  And Shakeology during the day helps to eliminate my day-time cravings for sugar & junk food.  My water intake I calculated by taking my starting weight (now 132 lbs) and dividing in by half.  So for example, if you weight 140 lbs, your daily water intake should be 70 oz per day.  I do drink coffee every morning but I did not add it in my meal plan because I did not add anything (other than a dash of Sugar In the Raw).  And with blending my Shakeology, I only add water (I do not use almond milk etc).  You can find a lot of the recipes I used here on my blog by clicking on the Clean Eating tab, then Recipes (above).  You'll notice I like to keep the same staple foods for almost every meal except for dinner -- it just makes it easier for me but feel free to switch yours up!  If you have any questions about the meal plan or creating one for yourself, please feel free to message me on Facebook!

Below are my results from Day 1 to Day 60.  Follow the meal plan with Shakeology and daily workouts, I lost 5 lbs, 4 inches, with 3 inches alone off my waist.  On days we had the power lifting workouts, if I felt hungrier, I would add in Beachbody's Recovery shake as well. And on occasions when I was really tired, I would use Beachbody's Energize pre-workout supplement.  I also used 5 lbs for my light set of weights, 10 lbs for my medium set, 15 lbs for my heavy, and 20 lbs for my really heavy set.  I also used a resistance band instead of a chin up bar, and I did opt for an incline bench, instead of using a stability ball, but you can use either.

If you are interested in starting Hammer & Chisel in our test group, please CLICK HERE to apply!  *Must not already be working with another coach.

hammer and chisel before and after