Think you can't get your body back after having a baby?

Mar 16, 2016

MAMAS, if you think you can't get your body back after having a baby, hopefully this inspires you that YOU CAN 

Like most of us, Ashley was afraid she'd never be able to achieve great results postpartum. But...she decided to TRY. So she completed our newest 60-day home workout program, LOST her baby weight (20.4 LBS + 10 iNCHES), gained CONFIDENCE, ENERGY, and a PASSION for fitness. 

With a little effort, a desire to CHANGE, and the support, motivation & accountably of our private, online challenge groups, YOU CAN do this, too! You will get everything you need to achieve SUCCESSFUL results at HOME in less than 35 minutes per day. So ask devoting 2% of your day to yourself WORTH IT to improve your quality of life, your happiness and to FEEL GOOD again in your own skin?

Our next challenge group starts on Monday. To learn more, apply below:

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Wear your scars with #CONFIDENCE

Mar 14, 2016

I remember my surgeon saying to me in the hospital, "Well, you'll never wear a bikini again!" Well, as much as I'm not thrilled to have a scar, I'm not going to be ashamed of it. And actually, rather than hiding it, it's motivated me to get my stomach in the best shape ever. Because I plan on rocking a bikini this summer & doing it with confidence. 

And to all my ladies out there who a wearing 
scars too, know that you are PERFECT just the way you are 

Today marks 3 weeks since surgery & now that my incision has finally closed, scar treatment begins. And in 3 more weeks when I'm cleared, workouts begin.

On Apr 4th, I would love as many women as possible to join me in my 1st fitness challenge group back where we are going to get our bodies + our confidence back for summer 💪🏻 Apply below to join us! #LetsDoThis 

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22 minute hard corps

Mar 1, 2016

22 minute hard corps

GUESS WHAT?!?! Today we launched a brand new workout program "22 MINUTE HARD CORPS" & the official test group results are IN!!!

So many times I hear the excuse of "not having enough time" to workout ... not anymore!! These workouts are short, sweet and effective. ANYONE can find 22 MINUTES a day to workout (seriously). Whether you wake up just a little earlier, workout while the kids are napping, or push play for a quick sweat when you get home from work. No excuses!! 󾍇

-The meal plan is VERY simple to follow
-The workouts REALLY ARE 22 minutes
- You get a sandbag for the workouts
- With a modified version available for every level of workout experience
- And Tony Horton kicks your butt with NEW MILITARY-INSPIRED workouts 󾭞

I cannot wait to try this program!!! As a busy mama, the shorter the better!!!


*If you or your spouse is in the Military, ask me about our 25% military discount program 󾓬󾓦

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