Dec 14, 2017

I am so excited for you to join the Exclusive 80 DAY OBSESSION Coach Test Group
with Autumn Calabrese and our team starting on January 8th!  

FIRST, go to bit.ly/80DayObsessionExclusiveCoachTestGroup for info about the program, 
the meal plan, equipment needed, requirements to join, to view before & afters, and more.

NEXT, please review the options below then contact me for the link to sign up!

And remember, you get an EXTRA $10 OFF the prices below during the
PRE-LAUNCH DISCOUNT PROMO starting 12/14 for a limited time!

OPTION #1:  If you are a NEW COACH or CUSTOMER, here are your options:

OPTION #2: If you are a CUSTOMER & ALREADY HAVE BEACHBODY OnDEMAND, here are your options:

*However, if your OnDemand is about to EXPIRE SOON, your BETTER option would be OPTION #1


Not sure which option is best for you?  
Message me and I’ll help you decide based on your current needs and membership status.
So excited to crush this new program with you & get in the best shape of our lives for the New Year!
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80 DAY OBSESSION | Coach Test Group

Dec 9, 2017

I am beyond excited for the launch of Autumn Calabrese's new workout program 80 Day Obsession! This program is going to be a GAME CHANGER for your fitness & nutrition and a great way to kick off the new year. And we are teaming up with the creator of the program, Autumn Calabrese, in the EXCLUSIVE 80 Day Obsession Coach Test Group where you'll get support and accountability from all of us TOGETHER. We are going to have a weekly call on Sunday’s at 9pm ET to go over topics for the next week, we will have guest speakers to help you navigate and troubleshoot nutrition and the program. We will have a daily check in and exclusive access to Autumn Calabrese when you sign up for the group with a package option!

80 day obsession promo sale

The group has already be created and we will start “A Little Obsessed” workouts together starting on the 20th of December (OPTIONAL) until the new year to prepare. Then on the January 8th we will have "pre-week" where we will go over the meal plan then start workouts together on January 15th and stay together in the group for the entire program crushing our results!!! 
HOW LONG IS THE PROGRAM? 80 days of workouts, 6 days a week
HOW LONG ARE THE WORKOUTS? 45-60 minutes and every workout is different
EQUIPMENT NEEDED: A light, medium & heavy set of weights; resistance loops, sliders, and a mat.
HOW DOES THE FOOD PLAN WORK? Autumn introduces a macro-nutrient plan along with the portion control containers that is timed for amazing results!
80 day obsession results


- You must commit to purchasing at minimum the 80 Day Obsession accessory bundle. However, we will chat to see which package option is going to be best for you! There are some seriously good deals with the bundles that it makes sense to choose one of those.

- You must be committed to drinking Shakeology for the duration of the group which means you are on Shakeology HD.

- I must be your assigned coach.

- It is optional to use the performance line but it is HIGHLY encouraged! Trust me. With a program like this, you are going to need the pre-workout & extra protein recovery shakes.

- You must commit to taking your before pics, measurements and completing the 80-day program.

- If you are already on Shakeology HD you can check out the 80 Day obsession Performance Bundle with accessories which is a really really great deal!!!

If you are committed to doing the 80 Day Obsession Program starting with the prep week on the 8th of January, message me on Facebook or apply below!  If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I can’t wait to rock this program in the new year with all of you and get in the best shape of our lives!

80 day obsession mens results

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National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Oct 30, 2017

national bullying prevention awareness month

In honor of October being National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, I wanted to share. Four years ago, I was bullied for the first time. It's not something I've openly talked about publicly, but my family, friends and co-workers know the NIGHTMARE I endured.

It was no one I knew, no one that I had ever met or seen before, but someone who I had a mutual friend with that for no logical reason at all, decided to attack me. This person created over 15 fake accounts on the internet and began attacking me (online) MULTIPLE times PER DAY for nearly SIX MONTHS. Constantly messaging me, my family members, THEIR family members, even my co-workers...

It was the WORST six months of my life. I had just started my business, we had just starting trying to conceive for a 2nd child, I was terrified because I had no idea at the time WHO this was or WHY they were doing this, I was afraid to be home alone, I was paranoid when I would go out, I didn't want to get out of bed, let alone go to work, I almost quit my full-job and my new business, it affected my marriage, my ability to be a mother, and for the first time in my life, I fell into a depression. I remember at one point saying to my husband...I understand why kids that are bullied feel suicidal. This person was trying to ruin my life and I couldn't get it to stop. I felt HOPELESS.

After several weeks, we got the police involved. They said it was the worst online harassment case they'd ever seen. Months later, after several warrants & subpoenas, they found out who it was and we went to court. Finally, IT STOPPED.

I have never talked about this publicly because it was the worst experience of my life and honestly, I never want to go back there. But while it's hard to talk about, I want to share what I DID to get through in case you, a family member or a friend are going through a similar situation and needs hope.

- Tell someone
- Get authorities involved
- Don't feed into/respond to their negativity
- Document everything
- KNOW that it's NOT your fault
- Keep your FAITH STRONG
- It WILL pass
- And you will come out STRONGER in the end

As angry as I was that this person put me and my family through all of this, and the end of it all, I chose to pray for her, and then I chose to forgive her. And I prayed that if anything GOOD came out of this, that maybe one day my story could help someone else who is going through a similar situation and in need of strength ❤️

#AlwaysChooseKindness #LOVEwins