Sep 13, 2018

healthy pumpkin spice latte

I am SO EXCITED and I know many of you are too who also LOVE fall and LOVE all things PUMPKIN!!! For the first time EVER, the BIGGEST flavor of the season is coming to Beachbody! Introducing....


THIS MONDAY Sept 17 in the US (and Oct 11 in Canada) 
for a LIMITED time, you can order Vegan Pumpkin Spice Shakeology in 14 single-serve packet boxes as a one-time purchase while supplies last exclusively through coaches only.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy the yummy taste of fall — WITHOUT derailing your health and fitness goals  Unlike the sugary pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (as much as 420 calories -- no thanks!! )

This rich and creamy shake features notes of pumpkin spice — cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. It’s incredibly tasty on its own mixed with water, or you can use almond milk for a creamier version. And it's packed with 16g of protein with only 160 calories.

Not to mention, it is also....

100% Natural
Zero artificial sugars or sweeteners
Aids in weight loss
Keeps you full for hours
Gives you energy (without added caffeine)
Contains over 70 Superfoods, vitamins, minerals & adaptogens
Has pre- & probiotics to aid in digestion & regularity
Perfect as a meal replacement or snack (even pre/post workout)
And REALLY helps to eliminate sugar & junk food cravings!

It’s meticulously crafted with a potent blend of protein, probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. No need to stop by the coffeehouse for a sugar-loaded calorie bomb this year!

Who else is excited for this?!?!?!!

Starting on Monday afternoon (on Sept 17), you will be able to purchase Pumpkin Spice Shakeology through the link below!