Jan 16, 2019

There is nothing like getting an email from your company saying "It's time to register for your trip!" So excited to go back to our honeymoon spot in Punta Cana! This will be the 19th {free} trip I've earned from Beachbody in 6 years. (side note: I never earned ONE trip from my previous job in the corporate world in the four years I was there). And to know that I earned this trip for my & my husband simply by HELPING PEOPLE every month get healthy & fit or to start an online business of their own, is even MORE rewarding <3 

success club trip 2020

And if you are sitting there thinking, "Must be nice!" Guess what...YOU can earn this too! #yep All of my new coaches starting this year have the opportunity to earn themselves a spot on this all-inclusive 5 Star trip for them + a guest just by helping THREE people a month. Plus you'll get to workout live w/ our celebrity trainers, earn spending $ on the trip for the spa, golf, etc. These trips are literally SO FUN & where I've met some of my closest friends in the business who we look forward to seeing on every trip. If you're ready for a super fun job w/ incredible perks, fill out the link below to learn more!