Today is a BIG day for us & I have been WAITING to make this announcement !!!

Jan 28, 2016

One of the coolest things about this business is that it's not just something I'VE been able to do -- but something WE have been able to do TOGETHER. And TODAY I have the privilege of giving my husband Greg a HUGE SHOUTOUT in CONGRATULATING him for officially advancing his business to TWO STAR DIAMOND qualifying {soon to be 3 STAR} !!!! 

It has been so amazing to be able to build a business together in our spare time while we both worked full-time jobs. Something that has created FREEDOM for our family, helped us both get healthy & in shape, create lifelong healthy habits, and allowed us to do things & go places we would have never had the opportunity if it had not been for Beachbody. We are blessed that I've been able to leave my full-time job because of coaching & all that it's done for our family. It's truly changed our lives & we are truly GRATEFUL heart emoticon

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Jessica's story is so inspiring I had to share. If you're a mom that can relate -- feel free to share this!

Jan 14, 2016

21 day fix results

"Before I started 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, I was very depressed and in a dark place. I had no energy to play with my sons. I was in pain all the time from my weight. My knees hurt all the time. My kids suffered, because I didn’t have energy to play. I was a hermit and never wanted to leave the house because of my weight. I avoided family functions and play dates, and it was not fair to my family. Food was my comfort. It made me happy for a short time, and then I was back to feeling horrible again.

I saw a friend’s transformation online, and she inspired me to try the program. My husband was not on board, and I needed his support to be successful. I was also afraid of change and exercise. Beachbody has a great online support system, and helped me to overcome those challenges. My coach made me feel good about the program and myself. 21 Day Fix was the best thing that ever happened to my family. The meal plan has taught me how to eat. I didn’t just lose the weight this time; I learned how to maintain and exercise. Shakeology helped me lose the weight as well. I drank it every day, and it helped me with cravings and feeling full. It was also nice to have the energy from all the nutrition.

The meal plan was my favorite part of the 21 Day Fix. I love the containers and having a go-to list of food. I started Beachbody on March 6, 2015, and have lost 62 pounds as of today. I am so much stronger than before the program. I’m proud of the weight I lost and the life I gained."

If you are ready to make a REAL CHANGE in your life, our next fitness challenge starts on Monday & I'd love for you to join us! Or if you know of someone who would benefit from this -- please have them reach out to me! You'll get the tools you need to have successful, lasting results from home, and the support, motivation & accountability to stick with it. You'll also learn the basics of clean eating (which is a lot easier & doable than most people think!) as well as how to make this a LIFESTYLE & not a crash diet. Message me on Facebook for details -- I have 3 spots left for this group.

HELLO to yet another FREE trip! Punta Cana here we come!!

Jan 11, 2016

2017 beachbody success club trip

Our 2017 vacation to PUNTA CANA is officially BOOKED!!! And the ONLY thing better than a vacation is a FREE vacation!!!   The last time we went was 6.5 yrs ago on our honeymoon --something we saved up for well over a year to go on. It was the MOST beautiful, white sand beaches we've ever been to and we've always wanted to go back since. And now we get to go completely for FREE to an all-inclusive 5 star luxury resort on Beachbody's annual success club trip with hundreds of our friends. This job has been a dream come true in so many ways and I'm thankful every single day for it. Not only do I get to do what I LOVE every single day, but it enables the free spirit in me to travel the world -- for free -- with my family & friends heart emoticonI sometimes don't know if I gets any better than this!

But this isn't a trip just for Elite coaches -- this is a trip that EVERY coach has a chance to earn and all of my new coaches who are starting in my Jan 18th training group have a chance to go too!! But the LAST day to register for your spot on the trip of Jan 19. So if you are considering coaching -- NOW would be the time!! APPLY BELOW to learn more! smile emoticon
‪#‎dreamBIG‬ ‪#‎dowhatyouLOVE‬ ‪#‎whyNOTyou‬‪#‎whatareyouwaitingfor‬!!!

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Is this really our job??????

Jan 7, 2016

2017 Beachbody Success Club Trip
I could NOT be more excited!!!!!!!!!!!
Our company JUST announced our 2017 SUCCESS CLUB & we get to go back to our HONEYMOON SPOT!!!! heart emoticon
.............PUNTA CANA!!! 🌊🌴
This is so cool!!!!! Only THIS time --- it's going to be a trip we EARN -- NOT a trip we have to pay for which makes it even sweeter!
And I get to bring my husband & vacation with my fellow Beachbody coaches who've become some of our closest friends. AHHHHH we can't wait!!!!!
And they don't just take us to just any resorts -- this is a 5-star LUXURY Golf Resort & Spa which looks absolutely ah-mazzzzzing!!!!
But the BEST part is -- MY COACHES ALSO get to earn this trip FREE for them {and their spouse or a guest} as well! So if YOU are thinking about becoming a coach -- NOW would be the time!!!! (And if you've been looking for a sign.....THIS is probably it!) wink emoticon 
I seriously have to PINCH myself that THIS is our jobs sometimes.
I remember at my corporate medical sales job -- no only did I earn LESS each year, but only a "select few" made it to the success trips each year.
Not Beachbody! We ALL get a chance to earn our free spot on the trip by SIMPLY helping just 3 people get started on their health & fitness journey each month. That's it!! So not only do we get paid for helping people -- get rewarded MONTHLY -- but also earn an insanely AWESOME Success Club trip every. single. year. So thankful I said YES to this opportunity 2 yrs ago. I truly can't imagine doing ANYthing else heart emoticon

To join this amazing opportunity and learn how you can get started with coaching, apply below!

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