Feb 21, 2022

You guys, I don’t post about this stuff often but today I HAVE to share bc it’s an absolute STEALLL 🔥

myx bike peleton

I was just given a special code that I can give out (which can be used an unlimited amount of times) that will give you $650 OFF our new spin bike (which INCLUDES shipping + delivery) 🙌🏼 Say what??!?! 😄

I have the black one (which I LOVE!!) but it also comes in white which is super pretty. Plus there’s add-on options to include weights + a mat if you need them.

PLUS I have an additional code for our fitness + nutrition packages as well so you’ll literally get EVERYthing you need to get started and get results 💯 

If you’ve been waiting for the best time to get one, you’re not going to get a better time than now! And with spring + summer approaching, this is the PERFECT time to jump on your health + fitness goals 💪🏼☀️👙

Reach out via Facebook, Instagram or email jaclynstokes@hotmail.com for more info!